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Setup Menus in Admin Panel

Frequently Asked questions

What is a virtual classroom in Espace Soutien? What is its purpose?

The Espace Soutien virtual classroom is a video conferencing platform that allows real-time interaction using a microphone, camera, and writing tool (keyboard, graphic tablet, etc.). Our virtual classrooms enable students or small groups of students and teachers to come together in real-time on the internet. They can write on a whiteboard, have discussions, see each other, view documents, videos, take quizzes, and save the lesson at the end of the session. In this way, our virtual classrooms remotely recreate the conditions of regular classroom teaching and support.

What levels of academic support do our Espace Soutien virtual classrooms cover?

In our virtual classrooms, teachers provide support for students from the 1st year of middle school to the final year of high school, including levels of the French International Baccalaureate program, as well as preparations for entrance exams into prestigious schools.

What are the advantages of Espace Soutien virtual classrooms?

Espace Soutien’s virtual classrooms offer numerous advantages, including proximity and highly flexible schedules. Students can access our virtual classrooms from home at their convenience. Academic support is available from any computer with an internet connection, making it an ideal solution when finding an in-person tutor is challenging.

My child is starting with Espace Soutien’s virtual classroom. Can it replace a home tutor?

Our children do not see our virtual classrooms as a burden but rather as a pleasant and engaging supplement. Children born into the digital age have no difficulty using computer tools for learning or revision, often preferring them over traditional pen and paper. Additionally, the cost is significantly lower than hiring a home tutor for an hour of instruction.

Is Espace Soutien a platform for e-learning?

Yes, Espace Soutien’s virtual classrooms are a genuine online academic support and e-learning platform that facilitates educational interactions through the internet. Various communication and collaboration tools (web conferences, email, chat, e-documents, etc.) enhance social and cultural interactions. These digital tools provide formal spaces for remote collaboration and allow students to consult their teacher online as often as necessary, offering personalized online support.

What are the key concepts of Espace Soutien’s virtual classrooms?

The key concepts of our virtual classrooms at Espace Soutien are:

  1. Organizational flexibility: in terms of time and space (“where I want and when I want”).
  2. Cognitive and pedagogical flexibility: “what I need, when I need it, and how I need it” (personalization, modularization, study time, educational versatility, etc.).

What is the cost of classes in Espace Soutien’s virtual classrooms?

The cost of classes and training in Espace Soutien’s virtual classrooms is relatively low compared to traditional forms of instruction. There are no travel expenses, fixed class hours, or losses in case of absence from class. You no longer have to worry about your child attending late-night sessions. The overall gains in terms of the quality and quantity of educational content and results achieved are significant. This underscores the focus on the learner rather than just the content, taking into account their unique needs and characteristics, as well as the school, organizational, and financial constraints they face.

Why are Espace Soutien’s virtual classrooms effective?

The virtual classroom is a modern distance learning technique. With Espace Soutien’s virtual classrooms, students benefit from easy learning with exceptional value for money. They can learn wherever they want (at home, abroad, while traveling, etc.), whenever they want (day or night), and at their own pace (start, record, resume, repeat), all while tracking their progress and retaining records of their learning. All they need is an internet connection, a computer, an optional graphic tablet, and a webcam.

Will Espace Soutien’s virtual classrooms offer other courses?

Yes, our virtual classes at Espace Soutien offer additional training based on demand.

How can I enroll in an Espace Soutien virtual classroom?

You are invited to register via the page After payment, your reserved appointments will be approved, and the administration will provide you with the credentials to access the virtual classrooms on the “My Page” page, which will appear in the main menu after you log in to the platform via the login link.

How can I join my virtual classroom?

You should log in to the Espace Soutien platform 10 minutes before your approved appointment, and then use your credentials and the link you will find on the “My Page” page, which will appear in the main menu. A new page will open, where you will enter your username and password to enter the virtual classroom. Your teacher will be there to conduct the session.

Can I change my credentials for accessing my virtual classroom?

For changing your access credentials to your virtual classroom, you can request it by calling (212) 0663709044, sending an email to, or using WhatsApp at (212) 0707131200.

What are the registration fees for courses and training in Espace Soutien’s virtual classrooms?

All of the factors mentioned above result in overall time and cost savings, as the relationship between the quantity of knowledge, its quality, and its price is often remarkable upon closer examination. Additionally, you avoid all organizational and travel expenses and other constraints.

The teacher provides the first appointment for a free 30-minute session.

The teacher has the full right to set the price for a 1-hour and 30-minute session for individuals or for a small group of students.

The teacher receives a commission of 70% for each completed session.

The rates offered for our virtual classrooms.

How do I schedule the class timetable between the student and teacher?

Once you are registered and logged in, you can find your ideal teacher on the “Find My Teacher” page. You can book appointments via the teacher’s availability calendar. You will receive approval from your teacher via email. If needed, you can request the administration to reserve appointments for you. This way, you can maintain a schedule that suits your availability on your profile page under “Your Appointments” and its sub-menu “Reserved Appointments.” Note that the administration allows rescheduling of appointments for individual academic support.

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