Online academic support

Incredible virtual classrooms!

Why virtual classroom tutoring?

Through our attentive monitoring and online academic support during vacation periods, your child has the opportunity to achieve various advancements:

-Catch up on any missed material.

-Perform a level-up to strengthen their foundation.

-Deepen their knowledge.

-Enhance their study methods.

-Optimize their organizational skills.

-Prepare for competitions and examinations.

-Gain access to preparatory classes and higher education institutions.

Think about it at any time of the year!

The flexibility of our online academic support classes is a significant asset. They are accessible throughout the year, providing the opportunity for students to receive academic assistance during traditional school periods and even during vacations. This extended availability aligns with our commitment to adapt to the evolving needs of our students, whether they require occasional or ongoing support.

At Espace Soutien, our dedication to the well-being and educational success of our students guides every action we take. Our online academic support, born out of experience and determination, proves to be a valuable resource for their academic and personal development.

The first session is free!

Once you have completed the registration process, we will ensure that your login credentials are made available, and we will schedule your very first appointment. These details will be carefully documented in your personal space, known as “My Page,” located in the website menu. To access it, simply log in using the “Sign In” link provided for this purpose.

If at any point you feel the need for specific assistance or encounter technical difficulties, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us via email at or through WhatsApp at the number (212) 0707131200. Our team is here to address your questions and assist you in your endeavors.

Academic support for everyone!

Think about it at any time of the year!

A key advantage of Espace Soutien lies in the flexibility it offers to students. Thanks to advanced computer tools, students can engage in formal remote interactions, collaborate with their peers, and, most importantly, seek assistance from their teachers online. This personalized approach to learning breaks free from traditional time constraints.

The student becomes the master of their own time, able to work at their own pace without ever feeling isolated. The online monitoring, tailored to each individual, ensures that the specific needs of every student are met. In summary, Espace Soutien pushes the boundaries of traditional education by providing an adaptive and interactive educational framework that caters to the modern needs of students and learners.

Soutien scolaire en classes virtuelles

Espace Soutien serves as a substitute for an in-home tutor.

Espace Soutien provides a high-quality educational solution at a more affordable rate.
Soutien scolaire en ligne

Within our Espace Soutien platform, we have observed with enthusiasm that our students do not perceive our virtual classes as a burden but rather as an enjoyable and entertaining opportunity. Thanks to their innate familiarity with new technologies, our children have no difficulty using computer tools for their learning and revision. In fact, they often prefer this modern approach to the traditional method involving paper and pencil.

An important consideration is also cost. Our online academic support classes offer a significant financial advantage compared to in-home private tutoring. They provide a high-quality educational solution at a more affordable rate.

Our methodology

Virtual whiteboards: Leaders in video conferencing
Notre technologie de pointe

Espace Soutien distinguishes itself through its innovative approach, offering live and tailored lessons through cutting-edge technology. The interactive virtual whiteboard, a leader in video conferencing, is a key element of our methodology. By creating small groups of students connected in real-time with their teachers, we ensure personalized and in-depth support. Further more, we provide regular progress reports to parents, giving them complete visibility into their children’s progress.

Our online academic support classes are available through out the year, meeting the ongoing needs of students or in the form of intensive sessions for a more concentrated immersion. Espace Soutien pushes the boundaries of traditional learning by providing an educational experience that is both interactive and personalized, harnessing advanced technologies to create a stimulating and effective learning environment.